partnership seeks to offer innovative solutions in e-commerce

DIGIU Digital is Spryker's first partner in the Iberian market. In January of this year, Digiu Digital partnered with Spryker, a Berlin-based technology provider. This partnership will allow DIGIU to offer its customers Spryker's unique commerce model. DIGIU is Spryker's first partner in Spain and both companies are looking to open up future opportunities in Latin America, as DIGIU already has operations in Brazil. According to Emilio Osete, Co-Founder and CEO of DIGIU, "Spryker's innovative solution is a perfect fit for our digital marketplace customers. Spryker's business architecture and hybrid setup allows us to offer our customers even more flexibility in developing their marketplace."

By partnering with Spryker, DIGIU can use its digital commerce offerings to continue customers' digital transformation efforts and help them stay ahead of the competition. The goal of the merger between the two companies is to provide B2B and B2C companies with more opportunities to manage their markets efficiently while mitigating risks.

"Our partnership with DIGIU is a statement of intent to double our global expansion by 2022," said Boris Lokschin, co-founder and CEO of Spryker. "With DIGIU, we will help customers achieve their digital commerce goals, regardless of where they are in their journey."
“This partnership was built around our shared interests and values ​​in finding and delivering innovative solutions to help our clients meet their business challenges. We have already achieved great results from this union and we look forward to further strengthening the ties with Spryker to move forward together into the future”, concluded Willy Möller, co-founder and CDO of DIGIU.
“At DIGIU, we are always looking to offer our customers the most advanced solutions on the market and make digitization as simple as possible for them,” said Emilio Osete. “Our association with Spryker will allow us to improve our services to our clients. Together we will deliver innovative digital commerce solutions across our current and future customer base.”

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